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Our panels bring the relaxation and the vibrant look of the outdoors, inside your home or business. Experience the calm and pleasant effect our beautiful panels bring to any environment.

What Does It Do?
SKY-SCAPES® look like the great outdoors and create a soothing atmosphere while reducing harsh glare from fluorescent lighting

How Do They Work?
SKY-SCAPES® are beautiful translucent panels that replace your existing diffuser. Installation is easy and can be completed in a few minutes with minimal effort.

SKY-SCAPES® are for everybody. Clients have installed thousands of our panels in all types of homes and businesses. With easy installation and instant results, they are a sure fire way to soften the look of any space.

Physicians Chiropractors Hospitals
Dental Offices Retail Stores Laundry Rooms
Kitchens Pet Stores Veterinarian
Bathrooms Gymnasiums PreSchools
Boardrooms Restaurants Physical Therapists

SKY-SCAPES® Can Be Installed Practically Anywhere!
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